Skill Upgradation
For Architects &

Industry Leading Programmes

Not just unmatched product innovations and quality. Tata Steel also places special focus on unbeatable excellence with the line with TATA Tiscon's constant endeavour to promote and enable best construction practices. tno discovery initiative is an innovative and industry leading skill upgradation programme for architects and engineers More than just webinars, it is a system of visits, online learning and classroom training.

E-Discovery Webinar Series

A knowledge up-skill webinar, Tata Tiscon E-Discovery
is an initiative for Tata Tiscon’s extensive community
of architects and engineers. Monthly webinars hosted
by leading experts in the domain, they are joined by 1
500+ Architects and Engineers from all over the

The E-Discovery Webinar Series allows participants
to ask Questions during the webinar which are then
answered by the experts which results in a two-way

Discovery Plant Visits

They may look similar as finished products, however,
the actual secret lies in the manufacturing of TMT
rebars. With Tiscon Discovery Plant Visits, architects
and engineers are given an exclusive peek behind the
curtain. Lined up for budding architects & engineers,
Discovery Plant visits give them the opportunity to
interact with our technical experts on the future of
construction & the best practices of home building.
So far 60+ plant visits have been conducted with
millions of memories made.

Discovery Pro Training Programs

A weekend classroom training program, Tata Tiscon
Discovery Pro is an exclusive initiative for architects &
engineers. In collaboration with leading educational
institutes, they provide an excellent opportunity to
learn, interact and upgrade. The curriculum for each
program is created with focus on local needs with
detailed discussions with experts & trainers.
Conducted in Punjab, Kerala & Assam, the program
has been flagged off in collaboration with institutes
like IIT Guwahati & NIT Calicut.

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