Exciting Benefits & Rewards

At Tata Tiscon we value not just our consumers but also our channel partners, especially our network of masons and fabricators- our Mitrs. With our unique loyalty program that encompasses a rewards system, a star based benefits system and a comprehensive insurance scheme, our aim is to uplift our Mitrs and be a part of their exciting journey as Tata Tiscon channel partners.


Program fOR MASONS & contractors

Masons enroll with a unique Mitr ID followed by a verification phone call
Dealers mention the unique Mitr ID while generating the invoices for Tiscon products
Based on sales data, the Mitr earns monthly reward points that get accumulated in his online account
Products get delivered to concerned dealers or area distributors
Service providers release the physical gifts within a week
The points balance can be checked by dealers on the Atoot Rishtey website or by the Mitr via SMS


The Reward Points System

Reward points remain valid for 5 years after earning them
A purchase &point balance statement will be sent via SMS by the 20th of each month
Mitr members can check their points balance by calling the toll free number
Mitr members can log onto www.mitr.co.in with their id to check points balance

A Simple 2 Step verfication Process

Redeeming Reward Points

Visit www.mitr.co.in
Redemption coupons

A Unique Benefits Program

  • 10% bonus per ton
  • Tier 3 certificate and ID card
  • Mitr technical training
  • Welcome kit
  • 20% bonus per ton
  • Tier 2 certificate and ID card
  • Mitr technical training and certificate
  • Welcome kit
  • 30% bonus per ton
  • Tier 1 certificate and ID card
  • Mitr technical training and certificate
  • Welcome kit


Additional benefits to segmented Mitra

Benefits Megastar Superstar Star Mitr Member
ID Card
Loyalty Benefits
Insurance Benefits
Star Kit
Holiday Tour

Also, scholarship towards one year school education of one kid of top 10 Megastars

MITR Member Segregation

Parameters deciding the segmentation

Sales (30%)

Cumulative sales made by
the Mitr member

Frequency (30%)

The frequency at which the Mitr
member brings business

Status (10%)

The activity or inactivity of the
Mitr member every quarter

The Mitr Insurance Scheme

An exclusive tailor-made insurance scheme for all mitr members with a coverage of Rs 1,00,000/- towards medical and accidental(death) insurance. Easily accessible for all Mitr members, the claims process is also easy to understand. The following details are required for the claim process: name, mobile no., dealer name, district, mason age, mason DOB, nominee name, nominee age, relationship with nominee.

A Comprehensive
Insurance Scheme

Key Features of the Scheme

Cashless treatments can be availed in selected hospitals
Easy claim reimbursement facility in case cashless treatment is not possible
Claims can be made immediately after policy activation
Mitr members can log onto www.mitr.co.in with their id to check points balance

The Mediclaim Policy

The insurance policy covers hospitalisation expenses for illness & injury

Family would consist of only self

Pre-existing diseases covered

No capping for any diseases

Covered upto full sum insured of ₹50,000

1st year exclusions waived off

30 day waiting period waived off

The Personal Accidental Policy

The insurance policy covers accidental death cover and insurance

Accidental death cover

24 hours cover

Covers accident anywhere in India

Covered upto full sum insured ₹100,000

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